March 1, 2011

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Kustom Radiator Covers  
Radiator CoversRadiator Enclosures have a specially designed front grille. The grille provides efficient heating by redirecting warm heat into the living area of a room, rather than causing the warm air to rise rapidly to the ceiling directly above the radiator.
Radiator Covers and Enclosures

Radiator Cover

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Metal Radiator Covers

RAND Kustom™ Radiator Enclosures offer you deluxe Radiator Covers for better efficiency and lower heating bills. Reduce your heat loss with Radiator Covers for Home and Business Use. Kustom™ Radiator Enclosures are offered in over 300 stock sizes, to fit your radiator beautifully. Our Metal Radiator Covers provide you with beauty and better heat circulation. Uncovered radiators are also a potential source of contact burns. A Radiator Cover protects from burns, and are being installed in many institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, and schools.

If you are looking for Radiator Covers for Sale, Kustom™ Radiator Enclosures are sold in paint, hardware and decorating stores in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri.

Increasing the efficiency of your radiator can reduce your carbon footprint. Go Green, Save Energy, and Protect From Burns by covering your hot water or steam radiator with a Kustom™ Metal Radiator Enclosure from Rand Manufacturing in Schenectady NY.

New York Radiator Covers

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